Monday, June 25, 2012

You Send My Life A Whirling- A Hanging Mobile Tutorial

Alright, not gonna lie, I got this idea from a mobile in the gift shop of the BMA. Except that one was more like the one you can see here, which is a lot more modern art-y than anything I could hang up in the house. And then this ended up being really easy after thinking of memories of making mobiles with my mom when I was little. So maybe this came a little more naturally than I'd originally thought!

But enough babbling. Here is what you need. Go!
3 long sticks, roughly the same size, 6-7 shorter sticks (less than half the length of long sticks), twiney-ropey stuff,  4 clothespins, fishing line, and, of course, scissors!
 Take your long sticks and tie them together on each end and in the middle, wrapping the twine around a bunch of times before dying a double knot.

A close up of the knot!

 Repeat this for the other two little bundles, but skip the middle section of rope. You also might have to twist the sticks before you tie them so they curve in the same direction.

Using your fishing line, tie the shorter bundles of sticks to the longer one by tying a knot around one stick in the bundle, right in the center. When you hold up the mobile from the top, the sticks are not going to be balanced! Accept this and move on (unlike a certain tutorial creator).

Then tie on the clothespins with the same fishing line in the same way, with the line going through the little metal loops of the clothespins.

Close up on the knots. Again.
Tie on a piece of twine to hang it with, and you're done! Yay for you!

I had to put some notecards behind one of the post cards to balance it a little better, but it's not really noticeable. Get creative! Which is always a good thing besides. Now sit back and watch it twirl, while listing to Swept Away by the Avett Brothers.

Happy Monday, kiddo.


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