About Me

Hi! I'm Emilia. I'm pretty new to this blogging thing, so go easy on me. Actually, don't go easy on me. Tell me if something sucks or if something's hard to read. I want to get better!

I love to make things. I don't really know how it started. It might have been knitting. But maybe it goes way back to the preschool days of folding a piece of paper in half and calling it a card. I've always loved it! Nowadays, I especially enjoy sewing (with my trusty machine) and making collages. Sometimes I make earrings.  

But making things is not my only interest! I like reading. And sleeping. I like licking the Cheeto dust off my fingers. I like being in musicals, and I play the ukulele (don't hate). Playing Twister is fun. While I wish I could play the piano, I don't really want to take lessons. 

Favorite quote: "Different strokes for different folks."

My favorite feeling in the world is being able to wear something I made myself. I especially love wearing things like that to school- because then I get to say, "And I made it!" It's the best reward to hours spent in front of a sewing machine.

Feel free to e-mail me anything at emiliaisadiva@gmail.com: questions, comments, critiques, advice, a funny story that happened to you today- I love it all!


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