Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bow Headband Tutorial

Hey there! What better way to start off a DIY blog than with a tutorial? Well, let's get started!

Here's what you'll need:
Tee shirt, ruler, scissors, needle and thread (optional: safety pin)- all things you probably have lying around the house!

Go ahead and cut off that bottom hem of your tee shirt. Put the hem to the side to use in a later bow-related step.

 Using a ruler, mark a segment along the bottom of your tee shirt. Make this twice a big as you want the width of your headband to be. I measured 7 inches, because I wanted my band to be a nice, thick 3.5 inches wide. If you want the outside of your tee shirt to be the outside of your headband, turn your shirt inside out first so the markings won't be on your final product!

Make two parallel lines leading from the marks you just made. 

 Cut it out! But be sure to only cut the first layer of the shirt.

Fold your nice rectangle in half (hot dog style) and pin up that bad boy. Then, sew! Make sure right sides are together if it applies, and flip it back right side out one you finish sewing.

Wrap your band around your head the way you would wear it, and see how tight you want it to be. Pin the edges of the widths together where you've determined and sew.

Flip it inside out so the seam is facing the inside, and there you go! A nice, stretchy headband. Try it on and feel proud that you've gotten this far.

Take your tee shirt and draw a rectangle a little bigger than you want your bow to be. (The one in the picture is about 4"x7", but if I was to do this again, I would have made it bigger.). Cut it out, going through both layers of the shirt. I cut mine out with one side on a fold.

So many pins!
Pin all the open sides together, leaving a little gap you won't sew (so you can turn it right side out again!).  

Cut off a little slice from your tee shirt hem.

Sew the ends together, creating a small loop. 

Squish your rectangle... 

 ...and pull the loop over the edges. Voila! A bow!
Sew your bow onto your band (or do the lazy girl's way like me, and just use a safety pin). 

 YOU'RE DONE! YOU DID IT! Feel free to parade around the house in your new accessory, informing all of your family members of your new creation.

Have a wonderful day!

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