Monday, April 16, 2012

On the Fringe- Scarf Tutorial

Happy Monday, everybody! Well, at least, make it as happy as a Monday can be, I suppose. Anyways, yay!! New tutorial!

I was at Kohl's yesterday, and saw this cute scarf. I didn't even bother to look at the price, because it looked incredibly easy to make. And it was! It took about half an hour at most, and I really like it!

You'll need...
...a tee shirt and some scissors! That's it, yo!

Trim off that bottom edge. You can save it as a head band if you so desire.

Cut off a pretty large sized rectangle from the bottom of your tee shirt, going through both layers. Mine was roughly 10" tall.

Cut from one of the bottom edges along the fold as high as you want your fringe to go, and repeat this on the other fold. This way you won't end up with any irregularly shaped fringe pieces on the ends.

Cut slices into both layers of your shirt, creating fringe. Be careful not to make them too thin, because a couple of the really thin ones tore off when I was knotting them!

Here's what you end up with. 

Take every two fringe pieces and tie them in a knot a little below the top of your fringe.

A close up on the knots.

The final result!

4 more days 'til the weekend. Hurrah! Have a fabulous week.


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