Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peace, Love, and Floral Headbands- Flower Crown Tutorial

Howdy, there! I found this old autumn-y fake flower and leave garland in the closet, so I plucked off all of the yellow ones because they were much too cheery to be left behind. 

After thinking up a few ideas, I finally decided I wanted to make a crown with them. I looked online for some tutorials, but they all involved hot glue (and who knows where our hot glue gun went) or fake flowers with stems (which mine don't have) so I had to change some things. So I thought I'd post a tute for those in my position (or who just like flower crowns).

Yikes. Long intro. Anyways, you'll need:
Fake flower heads, scissors, wire, twine-like rope, colorful yarn or ribbon [optional]

Start with your wire and wrap a piece around your head, making a circle the size you'd like.
Go over it 4-5 times with wire to make sure it's thick. Try it on to make sure it's not too big or small, and adjust accordingly. This is your crown base.

Taking one of your flower blooms, pop off the plastic cap from the bottom.  

Take a long piece of wire and push it through the hole from underneath, until the flower is at the halfway point on the wire.

 Fold the wire from the top and bring it back down, making a loop. Push it underneath the lip of the little plastic cylinder and slide it through the holes in each level of the fake flower. (I had to pull apart the flower to get the wire through all of them, but it's easy to get back together.) Pull the wire tight.

You're wind up with a flower with two wire tails. Twist each wire tail onto your crown base, one on each side of the flower.

Repeat these steps until all of your flowers are secured onto the crown base. 

Take your twine-y ropey stuff and tie a knot onto the crown. Hemp would probably be better for this, because the rope I used was a little slippery in the knot. 

Start twisting around the wire, being sure to go around the base of the flowers. Go all the way around and, with a separate piece of rope, tie on a bow.

I decided to tie on a braid made out of blue yarn later on. You can do multiple braids in different colors for a full-on hippie rainbow effect, or tie on bows with ribbon or something like that, too.

Wear it to school and spread a little sunshine because I am so sick of all this rain.
Happy Tuesday!



  1. lovely DIY! I love flower crowns :)

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, and I'm glad you liked it! And I love flower crowns too, but I guess that's kinda clear ;)